Representatives are leaders within the organization and LGBTQ+ community, representing the initiative throughout their region and planning/creating projects. Representatives are expected to fulfill duties including but not limited to the writing of blog content; submission of blog ideas, design proposals, and legislation; participating in the planning of outreach activities within their region. Anyone of any age, involvement level, sexuality, or gender may hold this position.

Aryn T.

Alumni | Team: 4982| Midwest | Demigirl | Pansexual | 2016 – Present

Cate S.

Class of 2019 | Team: 245 | Michigan | Female | MtF | 2018 –Present

Cate is a business subteam leader, programmer, awards, electrical, and 2018 Dean’s List Semifinalist. She participates in soccer, the school PTSA, and the National Organization for Women.

Crystal S.

Class of 2020 | Team: 5663 | International | Female | Asexual/Panromantic | 2017 – Present

Crystal is the head of Media and Strategy for Team 5663, Ground Control. She participates in activities such as swimming, singing, musicals and does magic in her spare time.

Kendra K.

Class of 2019 | Team: 3128 | West | Female | Lesbian | 2018 – Present

Kendra is head of strategy on team 3128. She is involved with girl scouts, and both trains in and teaches taekwondo.

Laura P.

Alumni | International | Female | Lesbian | 2018 – Present

Laura is an alum of an FTC and a FIRST Global team, she was responsible for mechanics, outreach and scouting, and she loves helping people however she can! She also participates in alternative education programs, loves learning languages and can speak 4 of them, and has taught physics to children.

cutieMolly P.

Class of 2019 | Team: 1747 | Midwest | Female | Lesbian | 2018  – Present 


Sarah H.

Class of 2019 | Team: 1318 | PNW | Female | Bisexual | 2017 – Present

Sarah is on the programming subteam, as well as electrical and CAD. Her main extracurricular activity is Robotics, but she is in one or two other clubs.

Sean R.

Alumni | Team: 5113 | NE | Male | Pansexual | Poly | FtM | 2016 – Present

sean (2)Sean is an alum of FRC 5113, the Combustible Lemons. He is majoring in Biological Sciences and is working on becoming a doctor. On campus, he acts as Social Media Coordinator for his school oSTEM chapter and Logistics Chair for Colleges Against Cancer, another organization on campus. He loves cats, the Sims 4, and plans on staying involved with the Lemons and LGBTQ+ of FIRST throughout college.

Tristan D.

Alumni | Team: 107 | Michigan| Male | Pansexual | FtM | 2016 – Present

Tristan is an alumni of FRC Team 107 where he headed up awards, documentation, scouting, and strategy. Though graduated, he stays involved through volunteering in both FTC and FRC. His passions outside of robotics include writing, travel, and spreadsheets.

Zephaniah L.

Alumni | South| Male | Gay | 2017 – Present