Student Representatives, Founders, & Mentors

Student Representatives

Student Representatives are the primary outreach force of LGBTQ+ of FIRST, representing the initiative throughout their region and creating web content. Representatives are expected to fulfill duties including but not limited to the writing of approved blog content; submission of blog ideas, design proposals and legislation to Student Admin; outreach at FIRST events; participating in their regional board. Only LGBTQ+ students who are currently members of a FRC or FTC Team may hold the position of Representative.

Tessa B.

Senior | Team: 1339 | West | Female | Lesbian | MtF | 2017 – Present

Tessa is a driver and programmer for her robotics team. She likes to code in her free time as well as play video games and hang out with her friends. She also likes to bake whenever she has time to.

Danielle E.

Senior | Team: 1339 | West | Female | Pansexual | 2017 – Present

Danielle is an imagery and scouting lead and manager of her team’s website. She also participates in her school’s French Honors Society and gay-straight alliance.

Liam H.

Senior | Team: 3620 | Michigan | Male | Queer | FtM | 2017 – Present

Liam is business lead and drive team. He is active in volleyball, school newspaper, and GSA.

Sarah H.

Junior | Team: 1318 | PNW | Female | Bisexual | 2017 – Present

Sarah is on the programming subteam, as well as electrical and CAD. Her main extracurricular activity is Robotics, but she in one or two other clubs.

Teddy I.

Junior | Team: 313 | Michigan | Male | Pansexual | 2017 – Present

Teddy is the Co-Student lead of Team 313. He was the former build and business captain, and was on drive team as the human player and Pilot in 2016 and 2017 respectively. He was also one of team 313’s Dean’s list nominees in 2017.

Tess M.

Senior | Team: 1711 | Michigan | Female | Queer | 2017 – Present

image1 (2)

Tess is mechanical lead and pit lead for team 1711, the RAPTORS. She is also tenor captain on her school’s drumline, an NHS officer, and a writing center mentor. She is passionate about women in STEM, and loves participating in STEM outreach, especially for elementary and middle school students.

Hailee R.

Senior | Team: 1747 | Midwest | Female | Bisexual | 2017 – Present


Hailee is a forerunner in her team’s business and public relations subgroup. She is heavily involved on her team, attending many outreach events both on and off season. She is looking forward to another great season for her senior year of high school.

Mackenzi R.

Sophomore | Team: 199 | West | Female | Bisexual | 2017 – Present


Mackenzi is a member of the CAD/Design team, although she can clean all of the tools in the shop, crimp PWMs, and create fish in javascript. She is an active participant in her school’s GSA, orchestra, and science club. In addition, she likes to spend her free time on physics problem sets, CADing various items, and teaching kids how to use arduinos, all while eating rice.

Eilis S.

Junior | Team: 4750 | MAR | Female | Lesbian | 2017 – Present

eilis.pngEilis is the only female member of mechanical on her team. Outside of robotics, she is heavily involved in musical and theatrical arts. She had attended multiple events in order to help out with Punk Out, a former nonprofit organization that helped make the Philadelphia music scene a safe space for LGBT+ individuals.

Erin S.

Senior | Team: 2509 | Midwest | Female | Bisexual | 2017 – Present

Erin is one of the media captains on her team. She plays the clarinet and participates in anything band related including marching band. Also NHS, key club, and hospital Junior volunteering. She is also in choir.

Seth S.

Junior | Team: 5663 | International | Genderfluid | Asexual/Panromantic | 2017 – Present

Seth is the head of Media and Strategy for Team 5663, Ground Control. They participate in activities such as swimming, singing, musicals and does magic in their spare time.

Alumni Representatives or Mentors

Mentors, or Alumni Representatives, are both an outreach force of LGBTQ+ of FIRST and assistance in decision-making and back-end management. Mentors are expected to fulfil duties including but not limited to the writing of approved blog content; submission of design proposals and blog ideas; advising of current student representatives and administrators; FIRST outreach and communication. Only LGBTQ+ alumni who were previously members of an FRC or FTC Team and have previously served as Admin or Representatives may hold the position of Mentor.

Tristan D.

Alumni | Team: 107 | Michigan| Male | Pansexual | FtM | 2016 – Present

Tristan is an alumni of FRC Team 107 where he headed up awards, documentation, scouting, and strategy. Though graduated, he stays involved through volunteering in both FTC and FRC. His passions outside of robotics include writing, travel, and spreadsheets.

Abby P. 

Alumni| Midwest | Female | Asexual| 2016 – Present
screenshot_20170606-150731-2.pngAbby is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is a Biomedical Engineering major, and is hoping to become a Pediatrician. When Abby was in FRC, she was the head of scouting and design, and was the judges representative.

Alex S.

Alumni | CT| Female | Lesbian/Demisexual | 2016 – Present

Alex has previously worked as an HR and scouting lead before graduating in 2016. As an alum, she has continued volunteering for CT FIRST. She is currently interested in pursuing manufacturing, and enjoys skating and video games in her free time.

Aryn T.

Alumni| Team: 4982| Midwest | Demigirl | Pansexual | 2016 – Present


Founders are the two original creators of LGBTQ+ of FIRST.  Founders are expected to fulfil the same duties as Mentors.

Jaye B.

Alumni| Team: 2729| NE | Genderfluid| Pansexual | Poly | 2016 – Present

jaye-2.jpgJaye is one of the co-founders of LGBTQ+ of FIRST. They enjoy programming and woodworking in their free time.

Sean R.

Alumni| Team: 5113| NE | Male| Pansexual | Poly| FtM | 2016 – Present

sean (2)Sean is a freshman in college and an alum of FRC 5113, the Combustible Lemons. He is working on becoming a doctor and wants to work in reproductive medicine. He loves cats, the Sims 4, and plans on staying involved with the Lemons and LGBTQ+ of FIRST throughout college.