Sexual and Romantic Identities


GLAAD: Accelerating Bi+ Acceptance – Through media advocacy, GLAAD lifts up the stories of bisexual and allied communities to build understanding and accelerate acceptance.

HRC: Bisexual – HRC is working with other advocates to increase bi visibility and address the unique needs of the bisexual community.


NYT: Accepting Gay Identities – Parenting: Accepting gay identities and remaining safe

Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual

Safe and Supportive Schools – Promotes safe and supportive environments to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections among adolescents.

Facts for Teens and their Parents – Information about sexual orientation for students and parents.


APA: Understanding – Better understanding sexual identity.

SIECUS: Families are Talking – As parents and caregivers, you have a crucial role in dispelling myths, challenging stereotypes, and expressing the idea that everyone deserves respect regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.

Gender Identities


GLAAD: Debunking the “Bathroom Bill” Myth – Dispels the myths that are often used to demonize transgender people.

GLAAD: Transgender Media Program – When we talk about transgender issues, it is imperative that we get it right.

Trans Equality – Facts, support, and statistics about transgender people.

GLSEN: Education and Stigma – Outlines how excluding transgender students from the school facilities that match their gender is not only unnecessary but profoundly harmful.


Trans Equality: Understanding Nonbinary People – How to be respectful and supportive.

LGBTQ+ Political Issues

Get Equal – Liberation can’t wait. Join us.

GLAAD: Trump Accountability Project – The Trump Accountability Project (TAP) is a resource for journalists, editors, and other newsmakers reporting on the Trump administration, which catalogs the anti-LGBTQ statements and actions of President Donald Trump and those in his circle.

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force – Create Change. Take Action. Be You.

Hate Crimes Reporting and Protection Initiative – There is also still a significant lack of inclusive hate crimes laws at the state level, where the vast majority of such crimes are prosecuted.

HRC: Federal Advocacy – HRC’s efforts to secure full federal protections and benefits for the LGBTQ community.

LGBTQ+ Health

HRC: HIV and the LGBTQ Community – Committed to working with our friends, partners, members, and supporters to end the dual epidemics of HIV and HIV-related stigma.

CDC: Young men who have sex with men – HIV Factsheet.

SAMSA: Top Health Issues – An overview of current health issues among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) populations.

CDC: Sexual Orientation and Health – To provide national estimates for indicators of health-related behaviors, health status, health care service utilization, and health care access by sexual orientation using data from the 2013 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS).

National LGBT Health Education Center – Provides educational programs, resources, and consultation to healthcare organizations with the goal of optimizing quality, cost-effective health care for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people

LGBTQ+ and Addiction – Substance use disorders have a greater effect on LGBTQ+ people than on the heterosexual population. The LGBTQ+ community must overcome several obstacles, including being denied substance abuse treatment because of their sexual identity.

General Education

GLAAD: Accelerating Acceptance –  An in-depth look at the state of America’s hearts and minds when it comes to accepting LGBTQ people.

GLSEN: National School Climate Survey – Report on the school experiences of LGBTQ youth in schools, including the extent of the challenges that they face at school and the school-based resources that support LGBTQ students’ well-being.

GLISA – We grow LGBT sport by facilitating partnerships for the successful delivery of World and Continental OutGames; we share expertise and best-practices with and among member organizations around the world to nurture growth and sustainability; and we partner with a broad variety of organizations, both LGBT and mainstream, to build bridges that help us further our activities and visibility while celebrating our culture through sport.

PFLAG: Advocacy 101 – Advocacy is a big part of the work that PFLAG members and supporters do, working to achieve LGBTQ equality through changing not only hearts and minds, but laws.

Center Link – Support development of strong, sustainable LGBTQ community centers and to build a unified center movement.

Gender Pronouns – UWM: Overview of pronouns.

Other Resource Lists



APA – This webpage provides fact sheets, best practices and other resources for supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth.

Lambda Legal – Resources for LGBTQ+ Youth by state.

Rainbow Health – Health resources.

CDC – Youth Resources.