Anon – Rooming Situations

anonymous asked:

so my team is going to st louis, and we are staying in hotels. there is one room for unchaperoned girls and one room for unchaperoned boys. there’s going to be 2 other girls in the room with me, but there will only be 2 beds. and one of the girls i will likely share with is a little (a lot) homophobic (i’m a lesbian). what do?

Your own safety should come first no matter what, if there’s a way to switch rooms to be with someone less opposed to who you are, I recommend that, but other than that, offering to take a spot on the floor is probably your best option? Lots of hotels will sometimes offer cots or at least extra blankets and pillows if you ask for them. Sorry this is happening, I hope everything goes well, and maybe I’ll see you in St. Louis!

– Aryn 4982



Anon – Awkward Coming Out

anonymous asked:

“Hypothetical situation”, but what if a person came out to their team for real and now is a joke? What do I do? (Everything is now super awkward)

Sorry for the late answer, it’s been kind of hectic recently!

Definitely try to address it whenever a joke comes up. It may be uncomfortable for you, but it’s important that your teammates take you and your identity seriously. Talking to your teammates about how it’s made things awkward is really all you can do.

If you have the opportunity, try to bring it to the attention of an understanding mentor and talk to them about the situation. Mentors are there to help and ideally they’ll be able to help you through the situation.

Good luck!

– Linnea and Alex


Anon – “I love this group”

So I had first seen this stand before i came out and the entire time I was looking through the pamphlet I was thinking to myself  “this is awesome and I support this so much” and the discord server is just full of awesome and understanding people. So I just want to say thank you for giving people a place to feel accepted in a harsh world.


Anon – LGBTQ+ Representation

anonymous asked:

almost my whole team is lgbtq+, why?

3.8% of American adults currently identify as LGBTQ+, and your team just happens to be a statistical anomaly – congrats! In reality, being LGBTQ+ is just a part of who the people on your team are. There’s no why to it, unless we want to get into the nature of humanity and the universe itself. Thanks!

– Kiran L. 2826

Anon – Texas Bathroom Bill

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if LGBTQ+ FIRST has given any thought to Texas passing a bathroom bill, and how that would impact trans FIRST students, especially with South Champs being hosted in Houston, Texas. Is this something that should be protested?

Hey sorry for letting this ask sit for so long, but we had to think and work on this since it’s such a complicated issue. We are contacting FIRST about the issue and asking for support. Although these types of laws affect a lot of people, businesses and organizations can choose whether or not it applies to them. FIRST, in its nondiscrimination policy, directly references gender identity and sexual orientation so we anticipate support.

-Sean 5113

20TH OF MARCH 2017

Anon – Support and Thanks

anonymous asked:

OMG I honestly felt like I was the only asexual in first thank you so much for sharing your story Ive been coming out to my team over time and its been really hard since they all kind of just brush it off as a joke. Ive been making jokes and references to it too because im too awkward to try to explain it to them. Its been a kind of difficult time and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate this blog and that post. Thank you.

Aw, I’m sorry to hear about your team situation, but thank you for the support! It means a lot.


19TH OF MARCH 2017

Anon – Pronoun Buttons at Competition

anonymous asked:

My team makes their own buttons/pins for competition. I don’t have any buttons/pins indicating pronouns (I go by they/them), but it would be pretty cool if I could make an FRC/team design button for pronouns. Thinking about doing that when we pull out the press, actually

Of course! We don’t own the right to be LGBTQ+ and proud at competitions. We’d love to see your pins! They definitely sound like they’d make scouting easier since you’d know which pronouns to use.

~Staff: Sean 5113